Geotextiles are widely used to filter, stabilize, reinforce, separate, drain and isolate soils. Polyester or Polypropylene woven fabrics and non woven fabrics are commonly used in the form of PP Non Woven Geotextile or PP Woven Geotextile. Geotextile swaps or condenses the requirement to utilize natural construction materials imparting economic and environmental benefits.

Our products are high tensile strength and low elongation fabrics. These are resistant to biological & chemical environments and against all naturally occurring soil acids & alkalis and non- bacterial or anti-fungi properties.

We offer customized solution to our clients. All goods are produced against specific orders with the choice of GSM, different sizes and roll lengths etc..


Special features:hmpgim1

  • Dimensional stability
  • Resistance to the biological and chemical environments
  • Low elongation standards
  • Resistant to all naturally occurring soil acids and alkalis
  • Anti bacteria or fungi
  • Contains additives for maximum UV resistance