Made from UV stabilized high density polyethylene monofilaments which creates open mesh netting, this is a light weight fabric. Debris nettings are mostly used on scaffolding systems to keep the building site free from rubbish or debris. High-rise building sites are generally prone to accidents, government regulation to use these nettings have made these nettings compulsory for construction sites due to safety factor. These nettings facilitate in site safety by reducing the risk of objects falling outside from the working area.

Debris Nettings are also used for Sports, Recreational activities to create a barrier or partition and extremely popular as a general netting in gardens, allotments and farms to protect plants, crops or vegetation.

Special features:2debris-nettings_250x250

  • Safety of construction site
  • Reduces debris from falling out of building
  • Material acts as a windbreak by keeping building warmer during winters
  • Hides unsightly work areas