Geotextiles are widely used to filter, stabilize, reinforce, separate, drain and isolate soils. Polyester or Polypropylene woven fabrics and non woven fabrics are commonly used in the form of PP Non Woven Geotextile or PP Woven Geotextile. Geotextile swaps or condenses the requirement to utilize natural construction materials imparting economic and environmental benefits.

Our products are high tensile strength and low elongation fabrics. These are resistant to biological & chemical environments and against all naturally occurring soil acids & alkalis and non- bacterial or anti-fungi properties.

We offer customized solution to our clients. All goods are produced against specific orders with the choice of GSM, different sizes and roll lengths etc..


Special features:hmpgim1

  • Dimensional stability
  • Resistance to the biological and chemical environments
  • Low elongation standards
  • Resistant to all naturally occurring soil acids and alkalis
  • Anti bacteria or fungi
  • Contains additives for maximum UV resistance


Weeding is a crucial problem in the world over the years. Polyethylene sheeting is understood as a weed barrier but does not allow water to seep causing inadequate working conditions during rains or irrigation. AFFY’s wide range of woven ground covers, PP woven groundcovers and PP groundcovers are tough and tear resistant. This is an ideal product for creating footpaths and weed free surfaces around your garden, farms and in the greenhouses. These products are the perfect solution for successfully oppressing the weed growth. Our groundcovers are UV stabilized and allow thorough seepage for air and water, known for high tensile strength, low elongation standards and high durability standards.

Special features:ground-covers_250x250

  • Excellent weed barrier
  • UV stabilized
  • Highly durable and prevent top soil erosion
  • Thorough seepage for air and water
  • High tensile strength
  • Low elongation standards


Our product range of premium quality PE knitted fabrics are used extensively for polyethylene nets, woven shade nets, polyethylene shade nets, scaffolding nets and various others. These nettings are manufactured from MonoxMono and TapexTape Yarn. AFFY’s polyethylene nets are produced from premium grade polyethylene having high tensile strength, durability, wear resistance, low elongation and resistance to adverse weather conditions. These nettings are tough, extremely durable, tear resistant and light weight, knitted fabric made out of 100% High Density Polyethylene of utmost quality and is UV stabilized for long life.

These nets are highly used in agricultural, horticultural, building, construction, swimming pools, and other fields with varied specifications to meet different application requirements. Our range of polyethylene net, shade net, scaffolding net, polyethylene shade net and woven shade net are also stringently checked by us on different quality parameters to deliver zero defect product to our clients.

Special features:our-nettings-250x250

  • Light, Wind and Temperature Control
  • Non-decay or absorbs moisture
  • Provide unparalleled techno-economic advantages
  • Long lasting and economical
  • Easy storage and installation


Made from UV stabilized high density polyethylene monofilaments which creates open mesh netting, this is a light weight fabric. Debris nettings are mostly used on scaffolding systems to keep the building site free from rubbish or debris. High-rise building sites are generally prone to accidents, government regulation to use these nettings have made these nettings compulsory for construction sites due to safety factor. These nettings facilitate in site safety by reducing the risk of objects falling outside from the working area.

Debris Nettings are also used for Sports, Recreational activities to create a barrier or partition and extremely popular as a general netting in gardens, allotments and farms to protect plants, crops or vegetation.

Special features:2debris-nettings_250x250

  • Safety of construction site
  • Reduces debris from falling out of building
  • Material acts as a windbreak by keeping building warmer during winters
  • Hides unsightly work areas


Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) have been used for packaging purposes. FIBC are also popular as "Big bags", "Bulk bags" and "Bulk sacks". Bulk bags or bulk storage bags are used for collecting, carrying, transferring various types of material - fertilizers, chemical & minerals, cement, sand & gravels, salts, food grains, sugar. These bags are cost effective and acknowledged for their durability and capability to survive heavy weight.

AFFY offer high quality durable fabric for Bulk bags, PP woven bags, PP bulk bags and FIBC bulk bags with a potential to hold heavy weight. Our range of Bulk bags - PP woven bags, PP Bulk bags and FIBC Bulk bags have high tensile strength, low elongation, weather resistance and better durability. Our Bulk bags are prized possession of clients all across the globe due to its multipurpose use and varied sizes. These bags are manufactured from high tenacity polypropylene tapes proven for its strength and UV protection.

Special features:our-bulk-250x250

  • Endure Heavy Weight
  • Cost Effective
  • Provides UV protection
  • Provide weather resistance
  • Highly durable


Woven polypropylene fabrics minimize transport of sediment and other fine soil particles from disturbed sitesto protect water quality in nearby streams, rivers, lakes and bays.

AFFY offers several fabric styles to meet erosion control for highway or general construction projects.

Wemanufacture, export and supply a class range of Polypropylene Silt Fence.

Special features:our_Silt_Fence_250x250

  • Prevents costly job site materials from draining off
  • Keeps roads and rivers free from pollution